Trade School

We provide the latest and most innovative training to people in the plumbing and HVAC industry who want to gain the skills they need to create long-term plans that help them build, grow, and manage their company.

Ready to experience everything our Trade School has to offer?

For most companies, the skills needed to drive future growth are distinct from what is needed to support the current business model. Learning new skills and practices are essential not only to sustaining your existing business, but growing it.

Our innovative Ride and Decide program exposes students to the idea of job apprenticeship training and shows them how exciting and financially rewarding a plumbing career can be. We tackle common misconceptions about a trade career, including that they are:

  • Mid-skill range positions.
  • Menial and low-paying.
  • Dead-end jobs, offering no opportunities for advancement.

We know that nothing could be further from the truth! The plumbing field offers students access to well-compensated, highly skilled, upwardly mobile careers.

Best of all – students can earn while they learn! They are paired during their summer break with PHCC member contractors who offer them first-hand experience of the plumbing trade while they assist in paid work functions.

If you want to grow your business, but are unsure which growth strategies to use, our trade school program offers innovative options that can help you succeed.

Ride & Decide

PHCC’s Ride and Decide awareness program is designed to provide students with the information they need to decide if a career in the plumbing trade is the right one for them.

With unemployment and underemployment rates of college grads at record levels, Ride & Decide aims to change the perception that vocational study is less respectable than attending a 4-year university. Now more than ever, skills training is possibly the most reliable path to an interesting and rewarding career.

42-Week Plumbing Apprentice Course

This comprehensive program covers everything involved in a 4-year plumbing apprenticeship. From an introduction to plumbing to the Journey-Level exam, we provide training at the apprentice and journeyman levels. Employers gain skilled, committed workers who are trained to industry specifications, and technicians obtain nationally recognized credentials.

Preparing For Success

Classes are held during evening hours, allowing students to use their daytime hours to gain on-the-job experience. Highlights include hands-on training, classroom theory, field trips, classroom demonstrations, and guest speakers.

In addition to coursework, students also participate in lab time and complete homework as part of their normal curriculum.

This hands-on experience is an intensive course of study to prepare students for successful plumbing careers and maximize their career prospects.

This is an intensive course of study that prepares students for successful plumbing careers. Here are just some of the subject matters the course covers:

First Year Plumbing

  • Common tools and materials
  • Safety issues
  • Trade mathematics and related sciences
  • Basic plumbing code requirements

Second Year Plumbing

  • Basic electricity applications
  • Service and repair problems
  • Residential and commercial fixtures installation
  • Local UPC code applications

Third Year Plumbing

  • Isometric drawing
  • Plan reading
  • Commercial and residential installation practices
  • Pre-planning, productivity, and profitability

Fourth Year Plumbing

  • IAPMO Uniform and California plumbing codes
  • Handicap requirements
  • Earthquake valve and seismic requirements
  • Journey-level exam

Explore today’s plumbing and HVAC careers – the many ways to build and grow will surprise you!

We also offer assistance to students and parents looking for the best financial plans available to them. To learn more about the eligibility requirements, contact us today.

Our trade school program is federally approved, and students can apply for financial help through scholarships.

We’re proud to say our program is one of the only ones available in California that fully prepares students to take and pass the Journeyman’s exam and obtain a Journeyman Level Plumber Certification!