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PHCC’s Ride and Decide Offers Valuable Hands-On Opportunity

Each summer, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association, or PHCC, offers its 2,4, or 6-week Ride and Decide awareness program, pairing interested high school students with association contractors. Students get valuable hands-on experience in the plumbing trade. The program is designed to provide them with all the information they need to decide if a career in the plumbing trade is the right one for them.

A New Look at a Trades Career

Plumbing contractors report they have more work than they can handle, but have trouble finding young people who want to learn the trade. A lack of skilled workers means many of them have had to put expansion plans on the back burner.

Today, unemployment and underemployment rates of college grads are at record levels, with many of the students deeply in debt. Ride & Decide aims to change students’ perception that vocational study is less respectable than attending a 4-year university and that now, more than ever, skills training is possibly the most reliable path to an interesting and financially rewarding career.

The innovative program gives students a realistic look at the idea of job apprenticeship training. Over the course of the program, they learn how exciting and financially rewarding a plumbing career can be. Central to Ride and Decide’s mission is tackling common misconceptions about choosing a trade career. Emphasis is placed on how trade positions are not:

  • Mid-skill range positions.
  • Menial and low-paying professions.
  • Dead-end jobs, with no opportunity for advancement.

At PHCC, we know that, in truth, the plumbing field offers students access to well-compensated, highly skilled, and upwardly mobile careers, including the opportunity to own their own business.

Earn While They Learn

Ride and Decide is designed to show students that they can work with their head, heart, and hands. Paired with some of the best PHCC contractors, young people assist in paid work functions and experience first-hand what a career in the trades can offer. Students who want to learn more can view videos featuring recent program participants.

With no student loan debt, the chance to earn and learn, and the promise of steady employment and a good salary, a career in plumbing is not just a college alternative, it’s a desirable and lucrative career path in and of itself. To learn more about the PHCC Ride & Decide Program, contact us today.

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